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Scholarly Paper

What is a scholarly paper?  Many experts are in agreement when they say that a scholarly paper is written by a student who is already enrolled in a postgraduate course, such as in a Master’s course.  However, most students enter their Master’s course or their doctoral course while relying on the strategies they had been using in their undergraduate years. Techniques such as using more complicated language as well as repeating and rephrasing already written down texts are certainly no longer expected to work in these situations. The most interesting question therefore, would be to find out how an individual may make the transition to a more successful writer of scholarly papers.


Scholarly writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars. If one is already a postgraduate student, then one has to know that he now belongs to a community of scholars. Especially for doctoral students, they will be encouraged to look at, think about, and write about wonderful ideas.  A scholarly paper is also devoted to the questions and ideas that interest most of the academic and scholarly community. The topic of such a paper is usually one that is relevant to the times and most suitable always. One then must be able to write such that the ordinary reader understands the topic on hand clearly, or to be able to look at the topic in a new way.


A scholarly paper should also present the reader with an informed argument. The paper therefore should be able to both inform and argue at the same time. One will have to find out all he can about the topic on hand. Thereafter he will also want to know why this topic is important to him. He will then have to write on what he thinks about the topic – he will have to analyze all that he can on the topic on hand, and evaluate everything he obtained on the same.

Thus, in the effort to take note of what has been written on the topic, scholarly paper will always have a section called the Literature Review. This includes significant research done on the topic, and the literature is organized in a way that one idea flows to the next-it is not simply the listing of the research and the statement of the findings, but an organized review of previous research.

Therefore it is clear from the above that a scholarly paper is not one that one is used to writing when he was still in his undergraduate years.  Being a student of postgraduate courses is no joke, and hence, there is a certain sophistication in the air that will hopefully be matched by a good and liberating topic, and an equally sophisticated body of work supporting and explaining the topic altogether.  The scholarly paper should be “fodder” for other scholars and even for the young members of the group. Finally, the student must learn to write a scholarly paper – one thought to expound on the topic on hand, and also to make the reader think about his topic as well.

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Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are keywords or phrases that professors commonly use to ask or require their students to write. Teachers usually use various sets of writing prompts for the major types of writing they want their students to accomplish. The four major types of written work are persuasive, expository, narrative and literary response. Therefore for each of these four types of writing, there are suggested writing prompts in order to prod the students to write.


The first type of writing is the persuasive type of writing. In this case, the students are asked to argue a point. The teacher can make use of controversial ideas and other trendy ideas, and put them into their prompts. An example would be: “Research shows that the average person watches as much as six hours of television every day. Do you think this is too much? Write an essay convincing your readers to spend less time watching TV every day.” In this case, a point is presented, and the view that is to be argued on and supported is also presented.  Therefore the student can take off from this juncture.


The second type of writing is the expository kind. In this type of writing, a student is asked to explain a point or a situation. An example of a writing prompt to elicit this kind of writing is: “Describe a family celebration that has deep meaning for you”.            Thus the student in this case is asked to look and reflect in the family celebrations that he or she has had over the years, and select one that is special, and talk about it to the readers or the audience.


The third type of writing is the narrative type. In this type, students are asked to enumerate a series of events or their own personal story, or even the stories of other individuals. A writing prompt for this type of writing could be:  “Sometimes lies have serious consequences. Describe a time when a lie had a major or serious consequence for you”.           In this case, the student therefore required to seriously think about the times that he told a lie, and to analyze the situation and talk about what the consequences of this act had been.


Finally, there is the literary response type of writing. The student is asked to make comments on a literary piece that he has read based on certain requirements. An example of a writing prompt for this case would be: “The setting in a novel is where the action takes place. Explain how the setting complements the story in a novel you just read”.           The student is therefore prompted to think about a piece that he just read and associate the piece’s setting with the overall effects of the novel itself.


There are millions of possible writing prompts depending on the type of output required by a teacher. What is definitely needed is that the prompt should be specific, with the exact instructions clearly stated therein.


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College Essay

When one is in college, it is sure that he or she will be asked to write college essays. A college essay is an essay that is required of a student such that he or she will be able to pass the course.  A college essay can be on any topic – on the arts, on technical topics, on finance, on one’s biography or autobiography – or just about anything that one comes across in college.  An essay is usually a short written piece on the author’s point of view on any topic on hand. Therefore a college essay may require a student to write his own views on certain political trends or events, on historical events, or even on a piece of artwork that is displayed in the middle of the road. It could also be on the lyrics of the latest song of a well-known rapper, on the menu served during the President’s banquet for a visiting foreign official.


Whatever the topic may be, what is essential in a college essay is that it must be structured properly in order to make the reader understand the message of the writer.  There are many ways to substantiate a college essay. The first way is by using the cause and effect method. If one is talking about a scenario, such as global warming, then one way to clarify what global warming really is and what it can do is to show the cause and effects of the elements of global warming, such that the whole phenomenon becomes clearer. Another way is by exemplification. A college essay using exemplification as its main style can be used in the case where the topic is where one is asked if receiving gifts from suppliers and other business contacts is ethical or not. Examples of what happened in other companies can be utilized to show if the practice is indeed ethical or unethical. One more popular style is the compare and contrast essay. In this type of essay, similarities and differences of two or more items are presented, such that each item is clearly understood in its own right. For instance, this is used often in literature classes – one may be asked to compare and contrast between the styles of two literary moguls, such that each one of them is better understood in his own right. Another way is through writing a narrative, wherein one highlights events such that the main topic is understood as well.


Whatever the case may be, writing a good and comprehensive college essay is not difficult at all. What is important is that the ideas fall logically from one to the next, and that the entire essay can be seen as a unified whole.  The essay’s theme or main idea must consistently be represented in all the sections of the essay, leading up to the conclusion of the essay. Students must be prepared to write lots of college essays while they are in this phase of their life – as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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Technical Writing

Technical writing is writing about a variety of topics all within the scope of technical fields. Examples of topics in this field are computer programs, hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, biology and a host of other fields.  Technical writing has also come to provide instructions on specific tasks.  Usually the end result of this activity would be a set of documents that can be clearly understood by the intended audience.  Excellent technical writing explains things or tasks that are perceived to be as jargon by several audiences, and the information is presented in a manner that is easily understood by them.


Technical writing may be performed by both amateurs and professionals. For amateurs, what is done is that these writers may obtain information from the professionals or from valid documents, and begin to write about the topic on hand. Therefore technical writers may or may not be the best experts on the topic to be discussed. Today, technical writing is normally related to the proliferation of user manuals and online help stations. Much of technical writing content today is directed to the production of product notes, troubleshooting brochures, installation manuals, e-learning modules, business proposals and white papers.


Excellent technical writing has the end objective of producing essential, useful and correct information that is provided to a specific group or audience in order to help this group in its quest to accomplish something.  There is, however, a small proportion of technical writing that is geared towards a larger consumer audience.


To be a good technical writer, one must have a good grasp of the English language. One must also be able to make use of the simplest language such that his audience will understand what the message is.  One must also have good interviewing powers, as if one does not have a good grasp of the topic and simply has been tasked to do some technical writing, then one will have to be able to obtain as much accurate information as possible in order to be able to come up with a clear and good piece.  The ability to collate information and organize the bits and pieces together in a single coherent piece is also necessary in order to become a good technical writer.


In the end, technical writing is deemed to be of high quality if the conditions of the ‘3Cs’ are fulfilled. Is the piece clear? Is the piece concise? Is the piece complete?  There are the three basic questions that may be asked in order to determine if the piece is a good one, and is helpful to the intended audience.  A good piece of recent technical writing could be the Apple iPad User Guide.  It is written in very simple language, such that even the person with the least bit of technical knowledge may be able to move around the iPad.  One can find the necessary illustrations such that visually, the parts of the iPad may be located. The manual also begins with the basics, such that any first-time user is attuned to the gadget first and can move around the main operations of the same before moving on to more complicated operations.

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Ghost Writer


There are many people who make a living by being a ghost writer for someone else. Being a ghost writer means that you write for someone – you write his speech, his addresses, or any treatise, but that what you write is the official creation or writing of that particular person you write for.  A ghost writer’s job is easy because what one writes is now the responsibility of the person who commissioned the article.


Ghost writers are usually hired by persons like politicians to write their speeches and addresses. The writer must then interview the politician for his views and opinions on certain matters. He has to make sure that he does his research well because he is now going to write in behalf of the politician, and so his thoughts must be consistent with the politician’s as well.  If the politician says that he is against violence against women, then the ghost writer will have to highlight this opinion in his writing. He will have to ask the politician for the tone of the speech and what exactly the speech must contain in order for the politician to be able to convey his message to his audience.


Other individuals who hire ghost writers are celebrities. Any celebrity who wants to have his personal life and stories told in a book usually hires a ghost writer to do the job. Therefore the ghost writer and the celebrity sit down together and select the vignettes or the times in the life of the celebrity that the latter wants to be highlighted. Sometimes the writer’s name is acknowledged in the book as the one to whom the entire story was told. However, there are times when the name of the ghost writer simply remains unknown, with the celebrity taking all the credit for the book.


Some ghost writers make a substantial amount of money while doing this job. There are some writers’ guilds that mandate certain rates – such as 40 – 50 cents per word for ghost writers, and so sometimes a 300 page book could cost as much as USD 45,000.00.  Therefore one could say that if a ghost writer is really good, and if he is picked up by politicians and celebrities, then he is bound to earn a good living out of his trade.  It is said that the ghost writer who collaborated with Hillary Clinton to write her memoirs was paid around half a million dollars for his job.


Working as a ghost writer can be fun. The only drawback is that one cannot receive credit for his work.  Otherwise, if one becomes known as a good ghost writer, then one can make a good living out of it.  Also, one will certainly have plenty of fun working with politicians and celebrities – imagine listening to all the stories that would be told by Hillary Clinton – and being the first to know all about it. Thus there are both monetary and intangible rewards that a ghost writer could get while working in the field.


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