How To Order An Essay At Custom Essay Plus

Essay and Essay Writing have been both in-demand for most students, be it in College or High School. Essay writing is something inevitable and every student has go through this process. While, there are many companies that offers this kind of services, a customer must know and understand how to check the right company. Custom Essay Plus ensures the following:

1. You money back guarantee.

2. On-time or on-the-dot delivery of paper

3. 7 days revision of order

4. Value for money

Here’s a step by step procedure on how you can order from Custom Essay Plus.

1. Go to or simply click this –> ORDER NOW!

2. Once you are in the site, “Click Here To Order” at the right side of the site or simply look at the bottom part of the site and “click here to order”.

3. Then, you will be prompted to another page where you will be encoding all your instructions, how you want your essay to look like and all that you need the writer do.

4. The last phase of the process will be the payment method. For now, Custom Essay Plus accepts paypal payments. If you don’t have paypal yet, please create one by logging to Now, if you have one, no sweat! your order page will automatically direct you to paypal page where you will be encoding your username and password. Please do note that Custom Essay Plus doesn’t store your paypal account information, once you have encoded your details, payment will be sent to Custom Essay Plus and a confirmation email from paypal will be sent to your email address.

5. To facilitate the complete process, a web administrator from Custom Essay Plus will send you a “thank you” letter signifying receipt of payment and clarification on order if there’s one. 

For more information and order details, please feel free to send an email to

Happy ordering!


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