Thesis Statement


Thesis Statement


What is a thesis statement?


  • A thesis statement is a combative affirmation about a topic and clearly explains the conclusions the writer has reached about his or her chosen topic.
  • It assures the readers of the extent, direction, and objective of the paper.
  • Is direct and exact to be justified within the bounds of the paper.
  • Normally written near the end of the opening texts or introduction and conveyed in several sentences.
  • Contains proofs to justify or support the writer’s argument.


How to formulate a thesis statement?


  1. Find a topic. Depending on the writer’s assignment, it may suggest several ways to look for a topic. Below is a possible topic for a sample assignment:


Sample assignment: Discuss about Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Possible topic: The Main Attributes of CDP


Once the topic is identified, it would help if the writer identifies key words. In the above mentioned sample assignment, obviously, the key words would be “continuous data protection”. The writer can now look for sources on the internet related to the key words formulated. The more sources the writer can accumulate, the better for him or her to defend his or her argument. It is also important that the writer focuses on one aspect of the topic. Covering a lot of aspects can result to an unconvincing argument.   


Avoid choosing a topic that is not important like “why I hate Mondays”. Most often than not, these kinds of topics do not bear weight and one might have a hard time finding accurate information whether on the internet or on printed materials.  


  1. Identify the main point of your chosen topic. Once the writer is settled with his or her topic, he or she will then identify what will be the “guiding point” of the argument. This guiding point will be the catalyst in which the writer will relate the sub-theses.


  1. Completion of the thesis statement. In completing the thesis statement, the writer needs to remember the following:
  • The right framework – check if the paper has met the ideas discussed by the instructor.
  • The thesis statement should be accurate, centered, and can be contested.
  • Keep the thesis in mind. As the paper evolves, the writer must be able to change or modify his or her thesis.


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