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Our writing services provide you with custom-made papers specifically written based on your instructions. Our custom-written products include:

1. Essay
2. Research Paper
3. Term Paper
4. Thesis Dissertation
5. Case Analysis
6. Presentation
7. Book Report
8. Other writing projects

7 or more days $ 9.00 per page
5 days service $ 11.00 per page
4 days service $ 13.00 per page
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60 hours (2 1/2 days) service $ 17.00 per page
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Subject Areas
Accounting Personal Essay Music and Arts Appreciation
Admission Essay Environmental Science Narrative Essay
Advertising Ethnic Studies Nursing
Advertising and Media General Studies Philosophy
Anthropology Geography Physics
Arts Administration Geology Political Science
Asian Studies Graphic Design Powerpoint Presentation
Banking Finance / Investment Health Care Administration Psychology
Biochemistry Health Sciences Public Administration
Biological Science History Recreation
Business Administration Information Technology Science
Case Analysis International Business Sociology
Chemistry International Studies Statistics
Communication Legal Law Teacher Education
Computer Science Liberal Studies Technical Paper
Criminal Justice Library Science Theater / Performing Arts
Economics Literature Tourism
Educational Psychology Mathematics Urban Studies
Engineering Military / Defense Women’s Studies



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Scholarly Paper

What is a scholarly paper?  Many experts are in agreement when they say that a scholarly paper is written by a student who is already enrolled in a postgraduate course, such as in a Master’s course.  However, most students enter their Master’s course or their doctoral course while relying on the strategies they had been using in their undergraduate years. Techniques such as using more complicated language as well as repeating and rephrasing already written down texts are certainly no longer expected to work in these situations. The most interesting question therefore, would be to find out how an individual may make the transition to a more successful writer of scholarly papers.


Scholarly writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars. If one is already a postgraduate student, then one has to know that he now belongs to a community of scholars. Especially for doctoral students, they will be encouraged to look at, think about, and write about wonderful ideas.  A scholarly paper is also devoted to the questions and ideas that interest most of the academic and scholarly community. The topic of such a paper is usually one that is relevant to the times and most suitable always. One then must be able to write such that the ordinary reader understands the topic on hand clearly, or to be able to look at the topic in a new way.


A scholarly paper should also present the reader with an informed argument. The paper therefore should be able to both inform and argue at the same time. One will have to find out all he can about the topic on hand. Thereafter he will also want to know why this topic is important to him. He will then have to write on what he thinks about the topic – he will have to analyze all that he can on the topic on hand, and evaluate everything he obtained on the same.

Thus, in the effort to take note of what has been written on the topic, scholarly paper will always have a section called the Literature Review. This includes significant research done on the topic, and the literature is organized in a way that one idea flows to the next-it is not simply the listing of the research and the statement of the findings, but an organized review of previous research.

Therefore it is clear from the above that a scholarly paper is not one that one is used to writing when he was still in his undergraduate years.  Being a student of postgraduate courses is no joke, and hence, there is a certain sophistication in the air that will hopefully be matched by a good and liberating topic, and an equally sophisticated body of work supporting and explaining the topic altogether.  The scholarly paper should be “fodder” for other scholars and even for the young members of the group. Finally, the student must learn to write a scholarly paper – one thought to expound on the topic on hand, and also to make the reader think about his topic as well.

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College Essay

When one is in college, it is sure that he or she will be asked to write college essays. A college essay is an essay that is required of a student such that he or she will be able to pass the course.  A college essay can be on any topic – on the arts, on technical topics, on finance, on one’s biography or autobiography – or just about anything that one comes across in college.  An essay is usually a short written piece on the author’s point of view on any topic on hand. Therefore a college essay may require a student to write his own views on certain political trends or events, on historical events, or even on a piece of artwork that is displayed in the middle of the road. It could also be on the lyrics of the latest song of a well-known rapper, on the menu served during the President’s banquet for a visiting foreign official.


Whatever the topic may be, what is essential in a college essay is that it must be structured properly in order to make the reader understand the message of the writer.  There are many ways to substantiate a college essay. The first way is by using the cause and effect method. If one is talking about a scenario, such as global warming, then one way to clarify what global warming really is and what it can do is to show the cause and effects of the elements of global warming, such that the whole phenomenon becomes clearer. Another way is by exemplification. A college essay using exemplification as its main style can be used in the case where the topic is where one is asked if receiving gifts from suppliers and other business contacts is ethical or not. Examples of what happened in other companies can be utilized to show if the practice is indeed ethical or unethical. One more popular style is the compare and contrast essay. In this type of essay, similarities and differences of two or more items are presented, such that each item is clearly understood in its own right. For instance, this is used often in literature classes – one may be asked to compare and contrast between the styles of two literary moguls, such that each one of them is better understood in his own right. Another way is through writing a narrative, wherein one highlights events such that the main topic is understood as well.


Whatever the case may be, writing a good and comprehensive college essay is not difficult at all. What is important is that the ideas fall logically from one to the next, and that the entire essay can be seen as a unified whole.  The essay’s theme or main idea must consistently be represented in all the sections of the essay, leading up to the conclusion of the essay. Students must be prepared to write lots of college essays while they are in this phase of their life – as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

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